Optumrx prior authorization form

Optumrx prior authorization formOptumrx Prior Authorization Form: Prior authorization process will help a prescriber to easily control misuse, manage costs, and ensure an optimum patient safety. Thus, to facilitate the best-possible therapeutic outcomes and render a better patient care, a prior authorization process is important.

Optumrx has recently partnered with CoverMyMeds to offer you the automated prior authorization process, making it the easiest, simplest, and fastest way to review, track, and complete PA requests. Also note, this prior authorization or ePA solution is HIPAA-compliant.

The benefits of Optumrx Prior Authorization Process is described below.

Optumrx Prior Authorization Form – Benefits:

1. Time-Saving Process: With this automated ePA solution, you can now spend more time with your patients and provide them a better patient care & support. As the process is fully automated, it reduces tedious paper works or prevents you making multiple phone calls for assistance.

2. Faster Determinations: The ePA solution will offer you a fast determination. For an example, you can easily and quickly submit renewed PA requests from your previously submitted applications.

3. Prompt and Dedicated Support: Optumrx features a team of PA experts who possess sufficient experience in this sector. If you face any issue while submitting PA requests, you can contact PA experts for quick and prompt assistance. You can reach out to their friendly and courteous staff via live chat or by placing a phone call.

4. Compliant with State Mandates: The entire process of submitting Optumrx Prior Authorization Form ensures that you remain compliant with the respective state mandates and regulation.

Optumrx Prior Authorization Form – How to Submit Your PA Request?: The process of submitting an Optumrx prior authorization form requires you to complete three basic steps (as briefly described below).

1. Register for a Free Account: This is the first and foremost step where you will need to complete the Sign Up process. For registration, all you will need to enter the following information, such as Your Full Name, Email Id, Your Fax Number, Password, Confirm Password, and Office Type. Once you have entered the aforementioned details, click on the Sign Up button. You will be automatically redirected to a new webpage where you’ll require to accept the terms and conditions.

By accepting the terms and conditions, your free account will be created.

2. Select and Complete PA Request: After completing the registration process, proceed to select a PA request. In general, prior authorization forms are available virtually for every health plan.

To select a PA request, select your patient state, type the medication name & select a value from the list, and enter the Plan name or PBM number. Next, click on the Start Request button.

To complete the PA request, you’ll have to enter information in the following modules.

I) Patient: Enter patient related information like patient name, address, date of birth, gender, phone number, and member ID.

II) Drug Requested and Diagnosis: Provide information in the essential fields, such as Medication Name, Confirm Dosage Form, Quantity, and Days Supply.

III) Provider: Enter provider related information like NPI, provider name, address, phone, and fax.

3. Press “Send to Plan”: Once you have provided mandatory information in the aforementioned fields, click on “Send to Plan” button in order to submit your Prior Authorization application to OptumRx. Next, OptumRx will automatically respond you with the next steps.